Why quality?

Kvalitetne kuhinje

Throughtout the years, since the beginning of our production, we have never changed the quality of manufacuring as well as the quality of materials we make our furnture from.Also, throughout all these years we have been trying to train professional, skillfull staff qualified to produce quality furniture. We have not altered the quality of our products even when the production range was smaller so that we can make and sell our furniture with the same security, not producing low quaity furniture.

The most important thing is that we we have faith in our products thus having clients always coming again in order to fill in their homes with our furniture, and that certainly is a proof of quality and faith that we have with our clients.

That is why we, working in 'Blagojev naslednik', are focused t in what we make and believe in quality of our products. We were awarded „Golden key“ for design, after being present at the Belgrade fair for 10 years,for design, functin and production quality for mediapan (MDF) kitchens as well as for the whole production line, witch represents a big satisfaction for our furniture production.

Diploma za kvalitet namestaja

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