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Furniture made to measure


The kitchens are places where we spend most of our time and where the family gathers together. These are the reasons why we must think carefully when buying a kitchen and take into consideration all aspects hat each kitchen must fulfill


Bedrooms and slide wardrobes

We use quality matrilas for making beds, we agree on a choice of bed base and mattresses as well as a regular plan of bedroom elements for you to relax in your bedroom.


Children rooms

We take great care when producing rooms for children.This is the most beautiful moment when we fulfill childrens wishes and they know how to show it.


Living rooms

Thsi is a room in which we live, often connected to the kitchen and dining room, a place for a famoly to gather together and have fun.



Since the space is usually small, we should make small , functional elements where we can put everything we need.


Why quality?

Why quality?

Throughtout the years, since the beginning of our production, we have never changed the quality of manufacuring as well as the quality of materials we make our furnture from.


Complete process

Furniture made to measure production is a completely different experience both for the client and the manufecturer compared to purchasing the ready made furniture.


Materials and brands

Univeers- plate materials- we use from best world producers Kaindl and Egger, both from Austria.


Employees and infrastructure

We are very proud of our employees. Our employees have been with us fo many years, so we make a well-coordinated team that finsh our work on time.


About us

Blagojev Naslednik

Family textiles "Blagoje" started working in 1967. The founder and the only artisan in the family started his carpenter art and woodwork. By buying the first "real" carpenter machines in 1968 he started, unawares, the job that has been in existence so far.

Today it is a family firm, a modern workshop that produses furniture made to measure.

The carpenter workshop "Blagojev naslednik" has a family tradition in woodworking fo 45 years. Since 1984, under this name, in the memory f the founder, we started making modern furniture made to measure, adapted to the eeds of modern man.



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Salon Belgrade

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