Kitchen "Glosy"

Kitchen "Glosy" is a perfectly designed kitchen fulfilling all the demands of our client. The fronts are painted in white and dark-brown with high gloss so that it mirrors your face. The combinatin of colours in this kitchen is very trendy.

Lower cupboads have drawers with eqipment and wire elements made by Italian manufecturer "FGV" whereas upper cupboards are open in a classical way using hinge mechanism. Also, aluminum frames with glass give elegance to this kitchen.

This is a lined kitchen with mini worktops with consoles. The sink is made of granite made by word famous manufecturer "Telma". This kitchen has te most modern built-in technique, especially part with the oven and the microwave, that are lifted as to be used more easily.

56_kuhinja_glossy_01_thm.jpg 56_kuhinja_glossy_rerna_frizider_02_thm.jpg 56_kuhinja_glossy_fioka_za_tanjire_03_thm.jpg 56_kuhinja_glossy_fioka_za_pribor_04_thm.jpg
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