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  • Kitchen "Ten"

    Kitchen "Ten"

    We are very proud of our TEN kitchen which is a result of our long-term experience. We were awarded "Golden key" for it at the Belgrade fair on its tenth anniversary.
  • (Copy of) (Copy of) Kitchen "Twist"

    (Copy of) (Copy of) Kitchen "Twist"

    It is not easy to make a rustic kitchen, but we succedded in making a look of rustic kitchen by a choice of fronts. This is type of kitchen with island and it meets the basics of functinality and ergonomics.
  • Kitchen "Glosy"

    Kitchen "Glosy"

    Kitchen Glosy is a perfectly designed kitchen fulfilling all the demands of our client. The fronts are painted in white and dark-brown with high gloss so that it mirrors your face. The combinatin of colours in this kitchen is very trendy.
  • Kitchen "Elegance"

    Kitchen "Elegance"

    i type "L" kitchen with cooking island. It is very demanding, made of mediapan (MDF) with marble worktop.
  • Kitchen "Line"

    Kitchen "Line"

    Kitchen "Line" is a lined kitchen, made from mediapan with lines on its suface(flutes). Painted in high gloss with a combination of white, dark brown wth aluminum fronts.
  • Kitchen "Glass"

    Kitchen "Glass"

    This kitchen has a glass area between the top and lower cupboards as well as a table with coloured glass top. It is painted in elegant beige with calming smoked glass.
  • Kitchen "Black"

    Kitchen "Black"

    Kitchen "Black" is not a standard solution, but sometimes it is good to have something different. It is adapted to special space and ,as such, fulfilled the demands of a client. It is made from high gloss black mediapan.
  • Kitchen "Compact bronze"

    Kitchen "Compact bronze"

    It has been boldly designed with bronze as main decor that look old-fashioned, and in combination with modern materials- compacts worktops, lighting in detail and fittings, the zones and a perfect solution for the "dead" corner, this kitchen is superb.
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