Materials and brands

Vrhunske ploce

In our production we use various materials- natural wood (masiv), veneer and painted mediapan(MDF) and univeer with abs tape. All these materials are used for making furniture and details as well as a special value with design and look. To turn these materials into products it is necessry to use fittings. During the cousre of years we fittings of best quality. We also add aluminum, inox, for making different parts of furnitre as well as all the lights and purchaing fitting technique for kitchens.

Thanks to our big experience we managed to define only best material producers that we use in our production. We will mention some of them: Univeers- plate materials- we use from best world producers Kaindl and Egger, both from Austria. Talking of fittings for furniture it was very difficult to choose the manufacturer, but we thougt of German precision, so we picked up Hettich fittings and Austrian Blum fittings.

Aspiratori Faber Staklo Sarke Blum Sudopere

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